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Family Room

The family room had wonderful windows and a great view of the golf course beyond. But the original furniture grouping did not take advantage of the light nor the view, with all backs to the windows.


Instead of one large sectional, we chose two comfortable couches in earthtones positioned across from each other, at right angles to the window wall, and coupled them with blue and white print side chairs. To add warmth to this very bright room, we painted the walls a delicate golden-beige.


The little extras: A fluffy deep blue area rug, and coordinating blue and white print toss pillows. The nature painting over the couch picks up the surrounding colors, and is more in scale with the size of the room.

Plenty of space, fabulous light and a view of the pool and golf course with lush landscaping beyond afforded a great palette to begin decorating.


The little extras.

The airy accessories  and a deep purple orchid plant for the coffee table  ground the grouping.


However, we wanted to be careful that people sitting inside would not be blinded facing so much light. So the light was not overpowering, we placed two couches at right angles to the window wall, creating a cozy conversation area. To complete the grouping, we added two armchairs with their backs to the windows.


 Colors and textures were chosen to coordinate  with the view beyond the windows, giving the feeling that the outside was inside and vice-versa.

This huge room was gorgeous and had a wonderful view of the Gulf.  To make it more cozy, we divided it into area groupings.


A large room-sized rug anchored the oversized "living room" area. The long mushroom-colored couch curving around one corner of the rug offers many seating choices Two comfy suede chairs take full advantage of the view.


We arranged a dining section on the north side of the room in a natural niche created by the angle of the windows. The grouping was large enough that the distinctive dining set  did not need an area rug to define it, and it would be easier to slide the chairs in and out on the highly polished tile.


The little extras...

Blue and tawny toss pillows, an interesting shell-printed toss, blue throw and a rusty-toned orchid spray accessorized the living area. We continued with this color scheme for the dining table settings, and into the adjacent  bedroom.

A spacious bedroom with a view of the Gulf! What more could a person ask for?


We kept the bedroom color scheme consistent

with the mushroom, blues and browns, that we used in the living-dining areas. With expansive walls and high ceilings, we were able to hang large framed prints to echo the window shapes. We chose not to use window treatments, to keep the look clean and airy.


The little extras...

A tall wispy potted plant softens space between the windows by  the "morning coffee" seating area. We also used the same shell-print toss pillows as in the living room.

A soft coordinating watercolor area rug is at the foot of the bed.

This very large room with a sparkling view of a canal and wrap-around light, had plenty of space for an expansive dining seating nearby for a relaxing sigh after a big dinner.


We decided to stage this space as a dining area complete with a generous pedestal glass-top table and chairs to accommodate at least six. Adjacent to the eating area, we added a soft sofa & side tables for lounging and enjoying the view.


The little extras...

We coordinated the colors for the table setting with the furniture on the patio, and also used the blues for accents in the lounging area.

This beautiful open space was perfect for a dinette and flows seamlessly into the family room beyond, which we also staged.


The angle of the window wall gave enough separation for the dinette so that it was set apart, but was still within "shouting-distance" of the family room.


We used texture to give the space its own identity, while the pale blue place settings with deeper blue accents gently tie the two rooms together.


The little extras...

We couldn't resist using our favorite signature starfish as table accessories.

This huge family room actually has two focal points; the fireplace with side windows and the French doors leading to the pool.


Here is a classic example of a space that really needed to be staged to show it off properly. Although it had wonderful "bones," without furniture, this expansive space appeared cavernous.


We kept it simple. The long couch facing the pool with its generous coffee table is a grouping by itself. The chairs flanking the fireplace could easily house a separate conversation, or join the larger group. They also can swivel to enjoy the fireplace and the television above  it.


The little extras: Triptych (three panel) artwork over the couch echoes the length of the room while uniting the rug, furniture and accessories with bold blues.

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