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11th Avenue

Dining Room

Biltmore 204

Living Room

Biltmore 703

Living Room

Crescent Beach

Master Bedroom


Living Room

Villa De Marco

Living Room

11th Avenue Dining Room

This little dining room had the potential for being cozy, but needed some color and character. Softly textured honey-colored woven straw chairs set around a glass-topped table warmed the space.

Dining tables always show better with cheerful place settings. We coordinated the napkins with the colors of existing wall art and added a cheerful bouquet.

We wanted to leave the windows bare to bring in natural light, plus there was a lovely garden just outside. However, the room needed softening, so we added a tall silk plant in one corner.

After being staged, this condo went under contract within two weeks.

Biltmore 204 Living Room

This condo had a great view. The beautiful marble tile floors had been covered with wall-to-wall, that had become a little shabby. We removed the old carpeting and instead, centered the large, softly patterned area rug to unite the furniture grouping while showing off the marble.


We kept the large, existing white sofa and brightened it up with  accent pillows picking up colors from the area rug in more vivid shades. The two large prints behind the sofa again pick up the rug and pillow colors.

To anchor the grouping, we substituted a more interesting coffee table for the nearly invisible all-glass one, and placed a few interesting art objects on top.

Biltmore 703 Living Room


The best features of this room were the wrap-around Gulf view, and the gorgeous marble flooring.


Although the sofa, the largest existing piece of furniture was fine, the arrangement did not focus on the view. By rotating the sofa so it faced  the window wall, the rest of the plan fell into place.


The dated easy chairs were substituted with classic styles that coordinated better with the sofa. We added a softly patterned area rug that picked up the muted tones of the marble, and an interesting circular coffee table and hassock to reflect the window curvature.


    Small existing non-essentials like the pole lamp

    and tray table were replaced by a lamp and table

    that were more in scale with the room.

Color accents here and there plus a silk plant at one end to soften the bare corner, completed the makeover.

Crescent Beach Master Bedroom

This bedroom was small, and the existing furniture,  window treatment and wallpaper were  out of scale, making the room look dark and even smaller.


We stripped the wallpaper and painted, replaced the dark green carpet with a light tan color and replaced the furniture with pieces that fit the scale of the room. Moving the bed to a different wall made the room look much larger and lighter.

Villa De Marco Living Room

A small condo living room with a pretty view.

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