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Living Room


Living Room

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Although this dining room was spacious, it was sparsely furnished, and appeared stark and cold. The bare walls and floors with dark furniture needed softening and a little character.


We loved the hardwood floor and large windows.

We chose not to use any window treatment so natural light could wash the room. To soften the stark effect, we added a generous area rug and upholstered chairs.


The little extras...

Dressing up the bare walls by adding some art and a mirror, a vase in the corner, scaled to the size of the room, tied everything together. The chandelier was the finishing touch.



This is, after all a dining room, so  showing the table set for dinner gives the potential buyer a glimpse of how things would look while entertaining in their potential future home.

This room has a lot going for it. A gorgeous fireplace, a huge window wall and real hardwood flooring. But it needed focus, softening and some contrast. With a little rearranging, the addition of color plus an area rug, it went from boring to spectacular!




The fireplace and window wall were unquestionably the focal points of this beautiful room.

However, the original furniture placement all but ignored it. To call even more attention to the fireplace, we added a larger television placed lower and tipped at a more comfortable viewing angle.

Furniture and arrangement

Although the existing furniture was good quality leather, it was nearly the same color as the flooring which made it almost invisible. Also, it was not arranged to feature the fireplace, the window wall or even make a conversation grouping. We added a couple contrasting occasional chairs and rearranged the seating to work for either conversation, fire or television viewing.


The existing hardwood flooring was in good condition, but did nothing to soften the feel of the room. By adding an area rug, we tied the furniture together and softened the look of the flooring.


The little extras.

A few toss pillows, some wall art and a large white seahorse sculpture to contrast with the deeper fireplace tones did the trick.

This condo was put on the market in March, 2011. It did not have any particular challenges. It had spacious rooms and a perfectly wonderful view of the Gulf, but the market was sluggish and the seller knew she would get a higher price if it were furnished. We added furniture and it sold within eight weeks.


For starters, we brought in an area rug and a simple upholstered furniture grouping in coordinating colors that went beautifully with the existing pale peach walls. We placed the seating to take best advantage of the outside view. The coffee table centered on the grouping is in reach of everyone.


The little extras...

We chose a tropical print for the wall next to the sofa, picking up the colors of the Gulf.  The addition of toss pillows in the same hues, and a vase of daffodils to polished the setting.

This home had spectacular large-scale rooms with fabulous views and beautiful curvy architectural features, but without furniture, it seemed overwhelming.


To echo the curves of the window wall,

we chose a large curved sofa with a low back so the views beyond the windows were not blocked. An assortment of  chairs in muted colors, were placed in pairs around the room as conversation groupings, leaving the center open except for an interesting and functional glass-topped coffee table.


The floor treatment.

We used a large neutral area rug to tie the furniture groupings together without calling attention to itself.


The little extras...

A tall plant in one corner, in scale with the room, a few accessories on the mantle and bookcases and softly-colored toss pillows echoing the outdoor colors, pulled the room together.

At first glance, this bedroom space seemed awkward because of the alcove breaking up the far wall and another larger one across from a long blank wall. However, the configuration actually proved to make the room more interesting and above all, multi-purpose. It became not only a place to sleep but also a quiet room to read or study.



The little extras...

Wall art used sparingly, table lamps for the side tables, toss pillows, and an orchid.

We positioned the bed

against the largest blank wall, which gave it plenty of room for side tables. The alcove  windows afford natural light without being intrusive.


The window alcove turned out to be the perfect place for a small table and two chairs to enjoy a quiet morning coffee, and read the newspaper by natural light.

Across from the bed

we added a comfortable upholstered chair, a colorful area rug, plus a small desk and chair, creating a quiet area to curl up and read or study.

This family room is unusual in that the fireplace and built-in television are focal points topped by another focal point – the large arched window.


The existing furniture was dark and outdated, and backed against the walls, which gave everything a haphazard cluttered effect. Nothing was really taking advantage of the focal points.


Although the tile was in good shape, it made the room appear cold. To soften the space, we added a neutral carpet  and placed a light colored seating group to take advantage of the room's best attributes.


The little extras: The detailing in the high ceiling is beautiful, but was painted the same color as the walls. We repainted the walls and ceiling with a lighter, more neutral color, highlighted the ceiling detail with white, and added a designer ceiling fan.

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